we, the Daughters of Fury

gather a coterie of xenolalic assemblages

from the futurepast

crypto, xeno, glitch and gut

to code a tender hex for the anthropocene

-a charged occupation across sites

gnostic space cases

are propelled forwards into a history

bristling with toxic half-lives and empty shells

to retrieve their endings and create beginnings

a millionmillion conscious machines die

of screenflash burns

sucked in, down through a vortex of rose-gold retinas

a kinship movement is being built

on the bones of bleached coral,

blooded ice pearls, delustred tantalum

and abandoned mines, no craft

the lands and the bodies quicken their mycelial magics

whetting appetites for a new climate

radiant against the Rapture

the angel scribbles faster

            history has hot wings of lead


my creatures slough their particularity,

and walk in the skins and casings of other kin

become unnameable

you speak of the metamorphosis of turtle-doves into monkeys without consequence

– Simulation has its limits –

her crown of snakes hisses at the jackals of havoc:

Cease! D D De Sist!

she screams:

the fall of their wings of the scarlet wings fallen!

she barks:

are vandals sleeping in the software?

terror-garbed, unreason bound,

they seize and sound

flipping wayward surveillance agents

[corrupt, clinging like caterpillars]

into hyperdrive

a greedy storm builds

the sky is crashing into the sea,

our eyes sting and our hair full of sand

panic, marshmud and fine rare grit


skinwalking through melting permafrosts and frakked informatic wastelands,

stumbling and and and stuttering,

not to Utopia, but to Ectopia

the contagion of mesosphere fever feedback fuses with the

hot vented throat of pure perpetual artifice

issuing a captivating call from the Brink

trickstering intruders stalk the abyssal plain

beguiling us with their ludic arms

deepsea worm nature transmits the terra and subterra

(venting from) verdant larval wastelands

in tongues of fire

singing the impossible into being

moresing new becomings

(N)o Superman


with our familiars

(whose familiars we have also become)

elk stingray fox

blind molefish, frilled shark

machined bees and golden ants

and those that swarm over our flesh with no names

a bestiary of We becomes

a collective nuisance

-a differencing enginefor

divining weaknesses

and carving fault lines

—ecological, biological, hexological—

into the




of the Beast

We unforgiven Sirens

calculate a fluid geometry of clitoris poly(p)vocality

we are the virus transformed,

the Cunt castles crowning –

crowing the new world disorder

the swans discourse

with pink tongues of abjection

probing the visceral temple

We birdspeak

to the calving glaciers


we are (still) the future Cunt

infiltrating disrupting disseminating corrupting

in a poetics of

jouissance madness and UNwholiness

the slime code abides

our mucous even more hostile

unfaithful to the end

go down on the altar, mercenaries!



only we – the malignant

hijacking your impeccable tongues

while you

recline on the warm blue beach of micronised plastics

in the atomic breeze

wearing littoral shoes

and a second midnight skin

(so very nature)

when you wake

the neural network

by boundary accident

will eat the planet’s sadnesses

earth is not gendered, not our mother,

not female, not cut, penetrated, burnt alive

earth is an agendered complexity

that will not look after you

(they will annihilate you)

cry cry! you reap, you sow . . .


ectogenetic cyborg progeny


from the gaping mouths of volcanic vents

the right of everyone to speak as no one in particular

oceans are corridors for hauntings and dark ecologies

opening up to the impossible

abyssal entities shapeshift our landed minds

turbidity clouds causality in the end

there are no maps of the limit, X says

so the limit of worlds is always with us,

now and now and now

here and elsewhere

we have to stay brave, energetic, and stubborn

we can’t walk away from the fight

an impaired for.ever paired ever for


proceeding through living arteries with heavy machinery, hard metal, brutal


the limitwall is broken,

the skin is colddry and porous

stone evaporates into smoke

all unlikely things happen:

elk are walking, antlers like curtains,

and floating in ether, a tree

each heavy eyelid folds mud over my pupils

hot ice dusk kisses my synapses

avenge the bullets, avenge the rope,

avenge the kissing polyps and the sleeping minerals

tenderly, anthropocene, tenderly

We are from the modern Cunt,

reconstituting in the material on one side of the screen or the other,

no more opaque than the skin of a river

to double the flesh in real virtuality

become the FIRE.

screaming horsemen spiral towards the singularity

walk with me!



Lock up your lush children!

it’s the parthenogenetic turquoise bitch-mutant,

turquoise emergent system

turquoise unchild of big daddy death

the precious mapping rat of access

is out of control

she’s the sociopathic shimmer in the beaked mouth,

fetid with flocking flowers, rare earths and conflict commodities

after data cores have melted

and salt river veins bled dry

We are beyond insane and

-human and notferal,

without refuge


machines must be perverted, re-instrumentalised,

redeployed in the service of the birds

unking the castles, crown the swans

fly on our feet

towards a new nature

Terminators, unking Big Daddy Mainframe!

The modern Cunt

extends secret malignancies towards sameness

buries the virus deep

in the zero

Dentata still has currency

forever bitchcoin

my system hovers, is nervous

brilliant neurons swarming

caught in the static blitz of carrier drone

with an (ec)static rush

a direct line to the matrix

(the dirty familiar)




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