The time has come for unprecedented student collaboration and action. The Anthropocene demands new means and methods for students to reach out and try and do something to arrest the progress of the sixth great extinction event.

Mass protests have failed.

Civil disobedience and climate unrest has failed.

Climate states of emergency have failed.

We canot wait for pro-environmental governments to be voted into power to make the switch to a low emissions economy through legislation. Unfortunately, democracy works too slowly. The climate disaster will happen before a true green alternative government is able to take power…

Pro-environmental change needs to happen more quickly, and more widespread, than a few affluent societies or suburbs that can afford to take a stand against the machine of one world capitalism.

The catastrophe is looming, so what can we do?

  • Act according to the 3 ecologies from Guattari; 1) Change yourself; 2) Change society; 3) Change the environment
  • Organize locally in your places of education
  • Demand the truth about your environmental situation
  • Look for practical and realistic answers on the ground to confront climate change
  • Use any research means possible to construct an alternative future to the path that we are heading towards now.
  • Share your insights with us at: 

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