How Everything Can Collapse: A Manual for Our Times

By Pablo Servigne & Raphaël Stevens

“This is an important book. . . . it deserves a wide readership among all concerned citizens—and, even more, among those who can influence policy.”

Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal and former Master of Trinity College, Cambridge

What if our civilization were to collapse? Not many centuries into the future, but in our own lifetimes? Most people recognize that we face huge challenges today, but we find it hard to face up to the very real possibility that these crises could produce a collapse of our entire civilization. Yet we now have a great deal of evidence to suggest that we are up against growing systemic instabilities that pose a serious threat to the capacity of human populations to maintain themselves in a sustainable environment. In this new book, Pablo Servigne and Raphaël Stevens examine the scientific evidence and show how its findings, often presented in a detached and abstract way, are connected to people’s ordinary experiences—joining the dots, as it were, between the Anthropocene and our everyday lives. In so doing they provide a valuable guide that will help everyone make sense of the new and potentially catastrophic situation in which we now find ourselves.



ISBN 9781509541393

USD$19.95 / AUD$30.95 / £14.99 / 18,90€

Another End of the World Is Possible: Living the Collapse (and Not Merely Surviving It)

By Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens & Gauthier Chapelle

“If you want to know what lies beyond survivalism, and how collapse might be navigable as something other than mass death and disaster, read this book!”

Rupert Read, author of This Civilisation is Finished

As individuals, we are faced with a daily deluge of bad news about the worsening situation, preparing ourselves to live with years of deep uncertainty about the future of the planet and the species that inhabit it, including our own. How can we cope? How can we project ourselves beyond the present, think bigger and find ways not just to survive the collapse but to live it? In this book, the sequel to How Everything Can Collapse, the authors show that a change of course necessarily requires an inner journey and a radical rethinking of our vision of the world. Together these might enable us to remain standing during the coming storm, to develop a new awareness of ourselves and of the world, and to imagine new ways of living in it.



ISBN 9781509544660

USD$19.95 / AUD$30.95 / £14.99 / 18,90€

Mutual Aid: The Other Law of the Jungle

By Pablo Servigne & Gauthier Chapelle

“Cooperation has, over the course of evolution, been much more productive of increasing levels of complexity than competition. This penetrating study by Pablo Servigne and Gauthier Chapelle, which paints a portrait of this other ‘law of the jungle,’ is more than welcome at a time when we so badly need to foster cooperation, solidarity and benevolence in order to build a better world together.”

Matthieu Ricard, author of Altruism: The Science and Psychology of Kindness

In the merciless arena of life, we are all subject to the law of the jungle, to ruthless competition and the survival of the fittest—such is the myth that has given rise to a society that has become toxic for our planet and for our and future generations. But a growing number of new movements and thinkers are challenging this skewed view of the world and reviving words such as “altruism,” “cooperation,” “kindness” and “solidarity.” In this final installment in their trilogy, Pablo Servigne and Gauthier Chapelle explore a vast, forgotten continent of mutual aid in order to discover the mechanisms of this “other law of the jungle.” They provide a more rounded view of the world of living things and give us some of the conceptual tools we need to move beyond the vicious circle of competition and self-destruction that is leading our civilization to the verge of collapse.



ISBN 9781509547920

USD$24.95 / AUD$36.95 / £17.99 / 21,90€

Pablo Servigne is an agronomist with a PhD in biology. He is a specialist in questions of collapse, transition, agro-ecology and mutual aid.

Raphaël Stevens is an eco-adviser and co-founder of the consulting office Greenloop.

Gauthier Chapelle is an agronomist and biologist and an expert on biomimicry. He founded Biomimicry Europa and co-founded Greenloop.

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