A collaboration between the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research into the Anthropocene (IIRA): https://iiraorg.com/

 and Alienocene: Journal of the First Outernational: https://alienocene.com/

So: it is done. After every report, conference, scientific explanation, mass demonstration, and heartfelt appeal, we are left in the same situation.

Midnight is upon us.

There is nothing else to say. No action seems to be able to make a difference, no plea, or use of reason or argument to change the course of humanity. No mitigating project able to make a dent in the inevitable course on which we tread. 

The fossil fuel empire remains intact and more powerful than ever. We are heading over the edge into an unimaginable abyss of our own making. Nothing can save us.

Yet into this hopeless abyss, we invite you to create, for one last time, something tangible to grasp in the Anthropocene. This is no cyberpunk vision of a dysfunctional future. This is no SF recreation of a utopia gone wrong. This is here, now. This is immanent to anything that can be thought. This is the last viable expression of the human drives before extinction. The last chance for the utterance of the impossible. For what could save that which cannot be saved. For the revolutionary requirement – (mentioned in passing, did you see the dawn this morning?)

Send poems, prose, video clips (or links), essays, artwork, philosophy, or that which comes to mind on the topic: Midnight in the Anthropocene.        

To: david.cole@westernsydney.edu.au and Frederic Neyrat fneyrat@gmail.com

By December 31st, 12:00am (P.T), 2019.