This page is dedicated to video posts which signify new direction in video making in the Anthropocene. This page welcomes curated video posts which take forward the agenda of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research into the Anthropocene (IIRA).          



Remake, digital video, 2017.

The geo-constructivist drive aims at reshaping the Earth from end to end – in this sense, geo-constructivism fuels the capitalocene. Our task is to interrupt this project, not to accelerate it. To do so, we need to return to primal scenes of mankind and of his post-human, bionic successors. Returning to these scenes that cinema has recorded after the fact, we will insert contingency into the past.

Now, let’s imagine a primate that would have refused to turn a bone into a weapon. Look, she hesitates, she seems to split, a visual desynchronization interrupts the temporal continuity that relates the distant past to the programmed future. A zeppelin falls in her head, opening a path to a new alliance between the living and technology …


Frédéric Neyrat, Los Angeles, December 2017.