The IIRA is an international organization, able to draw on worldwide expertise (please see the founding members, Nexus, other pages (such as ‘Learning to Think in the Anthropocene’) , and 50+ posts).

What can we do for you?


Remote study with us. IIRA has devised dedicated online courses with world recognised experts, to help bring the concepts of this site around interdisciplinary research into the Anthropocene together. The purpose of these online study units is to help to build knowledge and skills to rebuild society in the future. At the time of this writing, the coronavirus outbreak is shutting down many of the normal practises and ways of operating that have come to dominate human life. These courses will help you through this period, and give you skills for the society to come.


  • Interdisciplinary curriculum for the Anthropocene

Schools, colleges and universities are beginning to make the necessary changes in their teaching and learning regimes for the Anthropocene. IIRA can help to guide and support these changes by writing interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses climate change as a fundamental reorientation of what is learnt and why it is learnt. IIRA has the expertise to write new curricula in a wholly interdisciplinary manner, but suited to your specifications in terms of age, context and complexity.

  • Interdisciplinary research reports for the Anthropocene

Your organization and body may be wondering what to do because of climate change. As we progress ever further into the Anthropocene, unprecedented changes at all levels of organizations and bodies will be necessary to keep up with the ways in which anthropocentric driven climate variation will increase and impact on every aspect of life on Earth. No organization can be complacent in this scenario, and expect the same rules and ways of working in the past to continue in the future context of the Anthropocene. IIRA can equip your organization and body for the future by constructing research reports that specifically address your organizational dynamics and needs for the future. IIRA is able to call upon global expertise to look at the ways in which climate change will impact your needs through data driven, interdisciplinary research.

  • Research forums/hosted discussions/online advice and workshops for the Anthropocene

The IIRA is able to host and create informed discussions about the reality of climate change. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us to debate the most important issues of today, and include interdisciplinary, expert advice in your courses/meetings. Every place of learning and organization should be moving in the direction of dealing with climate change, even if it is in the intial discursive stage, rather than in the structural or tactical. These vital interchanges need to be happening at every level of society before it is too late and catastrophic climate change is upon us…

IIRA is a non-profit organization, however, no-one’s time if for free, therefore payment will be necessary to connect your climate change needs with the respected experts in the field.

Please contact for an initial consultation about your needs.

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